how to currency trading

How to currency trading

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This complaint accused the defendants of deceptive practices related to leveraged retail foreign exchange how to currency trading leveraged retail commodity transactions. Anyone offering or entering into leveraged retail forex contracts without registration, or offering or entering into leveraged retail contracts off-exchange, is acting in clear violation of the law.

Kazmi and his legal team challenged the fundamental aspects of the lawsuit, pitting it with the commodities watchdog. They raised questions about the alleged fraudulent activities. Additionally, the firm raised questions over the jurisdiction of the CFTC over its transactions. It how to currency trading that My Forex Funds never solicited or accepted customer investments. More info CFTC's complaint exposed a series of deceptive practices, including terminating customer accounts under false pretexts, misleading commission assessments, and using specialized software to execute customer orders at unfavorable prices.

The complaint asserts that such practices actively worked against customers, reducing profits and increasing losses, all while My Forex Funds claimed to prioritize customers' success. The legal actions extend beyond US borders. Contrary to how to currency trading, the defense contends that these funds were directed to the Canadian tax authorities.

The cort has upheld this and pointed to the CFTC's miscalculations.

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