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What is negative balance protection. A negative balance protection policy is a feature offered by forex brokers to protect traders and ensure that they do not lose more than their account balance. Forex online is negative balance protection in forex trading. Negative balance protection is a feature offered by some brokers that protect traders from incurring a negative account balance. In forex trading, it is possible to lose more money than you have in your account due to leverage, magnifies gains and losses.

With negative balance protection, the broker guarantees that the trader's account balance will never go below zero, even in the event of a sudden and significant market move that results in a large loss. If the trader's account balance falls to zero, the broker will close out their positions and absorb the loss, rather than requiring the trader to cover the forex online balance.

How can I verify that my broker has negative balance protection. To verify whether your broker has negative balance protection, you forex online review the terms and conditions of your account agreement, which forex online outline the broker's policy on trader foreign exchange balance protection.

CMC Markets. TD Ameritrade. City Index. XM Group. FP Markets. IC Markets. Fineco Bank.

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