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The second reason is that forex trading has become a hotbed of fraud schemes. Unscrupulous figures often offer highly attractive and sophisticated offers that can be eurusd -- tradingview tradinggiew vet. Investors should proceed with caution.

How much money do I need to start trading. Every forex trading platform or brokerage has different minimums. Your initial investment should be based on what type of trading you're interested in. Different strategies require different minimums to have a chance of returning a profit.

Forex max can I open a forex trading account. Opening a forex trading account is simple. First, choose a platform or broker. You'll then be asked for basic information to verify your identity, create a username and password and to link a eurusd -- tradingview account to fund trades.

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For example, here's the key disclosure text from Interactive Broker's website. Yes, forex trading is legal in India - eurusd -- tradingview with eurusd -- tradingview limitations link restrictions. Forex traders in India cannot go here on forex prices or engage in spot forex trading in India, even when using a SEBI-regulated broker.

As such, most Indian residents will be limited to using exchange-traded products. Traders in India will have a time finding a way to trade non-deliverable continue reading forex from a margin account unless rtadingview use an international forex broker that accepts Indian residents.

Forex trading in India is highly regulated when it comes to the physical exchange of one currency for another where actual, --- delivery of the currency takes place and is legal when done so eurusd -- tradingview a SEBI-regulated broker. Still, if you are a resident of India and you are considering trading forex using a foreign broker, make sure they are highly regulated.