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What Is a Cross Currency trade. Defintion and Examples of Major Cross Rates A cross rate is a transaction in which any two currencies are exchanged cureency values that are expressed in a third currency.

Most transactions are in major currency pairs. The name is a portmanteau currency trade the words foreign and exchange. Investopedia is part of the Dotdash Source publishing family.

Please review our updated Terms of Service. Invest in the right currency and currency trade huge profits. Start currenfy in currencies now to earn great returns. Currency trading, commonly known as currency trade trading, is the buying currency trade selling of currency pairs in the foreign exchange market to earn profits through speculation.

The primary factor that differentiates forex trading from other types of trading is its liquidity. The purchase and sale of one currency for another to take place simultaneously.

This kind of trading is also known as 'Speculative forex trading.

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Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation. Endorsement on passport There is no compulsion for you to get your passport currency trade with the foreign exchange currency trade for travel outside India. Visit to Nepal and Bhutan Http:// can carry currency trade amount of Indian currency while travelling to these countries, but you are not permitted to take Indian currency notes of denomination of Rs.

Foreign Exchange can be purchased : from any bank which is authorised to deal in foreign exchange or full-fledged moneychangers. Retention of Foreign Coins You can retain foreign coins indefinitely without any limit.