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Each year, we collect thousands of data points and publish tens of thousands of words of research. Here's how we test. IG is publicly traded, does foreex a regulated bank, and is authorised by eight Tier-1 regulators Highly Trustedtwo Tier-2 regulators Trustedzero Tier-3 regulators low foreexand one Tier-4 regulator High Risk. Residents of the U.

IG Bank in Switzerland is also an option for source clients. Cryptocurrency: Cryptocurrency trading is available at IG foreex CFDs, foreex not available through trading the underlying asset e. IG does not offer crypto derivatives in the U. Spreads on its main Forex Direct account offering are closer to the industry average inwith spreads averaging 0. CFD account average spreads: For both mini and standard-size contracts, typical spreads during the main trading session 22 hours each foreex from - GMT averaged 0.

Otherwise, its average spread during foreex whole month foreex July foreex, including all trading sessions, was 0.

The foreex of leverage that forex foreex brokers offer varies. It depends on where the broker is regulated and the account type that is being used. Retail trading accounts are limited when using leverage.

The maximum leverage on forex is usually Tier 1 regulators also require brokers foreex provide a negative balance protection policy for retail clients so your account does not go below zero from any adverse movements in market.

Professional trading accounts have higher leverage options, sometimes foreex to Unregulated brokers and some offshore brokers may offer very high amounts of leverage foreex they are not regulated foreex a well-known financial body. You should be careful forex currency with such brokers and check the terms and conditions carefully as it is likely you will offer a much lower level of protection.

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