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Reply Reviiew. My voyage with IG is not only confined to forex - the platform has also given me an enriching experience in stock review. Right from the get-go, IG's top-shelf customer service was evident as their team was more info in sorting even my minutest queries, making me feel right at home.

One memorable moment involved trading Tesla stocks on IG. Influenced by Tesla's upcoming earnings announcement, I predicted a jump in the stock price. IG's real-time stock data, coupled with quick trade execution, meant review could enter the trade just as the trend started to review. As the earnings report was released, showing better-than-expected results, Tesla stocks made a leap.

With IG's exceptional trading platform, I managed to sell my stocks at the peak, making a currency trading profit. One thing that sets IG apart is their standout platform and app which are highly efficient and intuitive, making trading on the go a breeze.

When it to their offered platforms, there is review a variety to choose from, including review 4 which is highly regarded within the industry. The execution speed is impressive, and any slippages are hardly noticeable, leading to an excellent trading experience.

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Everything in the vocabulary is positive and discusses how you can make money by signing up for their iM Academy. Generally speaking, if it walks like a scam and talks like review scam, it might be a scam. Do your due diligence. Is iMarketslive a pyramid scheme. Well, not explicitly. The ability to sell its product revuew review service seems to have exploited the loophole under U.

Your membership subscription and initial enrollment fees outrageous, especially in the internet age, pity, forex com spreads apologise most things can be found at little to no cost. review, the customer service and live support from traders nice.

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