forex trading days

Forex trading days

Forex trading days what

Pending orders. What are the schedule today popular currency pairs to trade.

What is leverage in forex trading. What is margin in online forex trading. Why are there higher margin requirements around news. What happens if I close a tading order during a period of increased margin requirements. When does the weekend period of increased margin requirements start and finish. What are your rules for pending orders, stop loss SLand take profit TP.

The following rules forex trading days when it comes to setting levels for pending orders: Pending orders along with SL and TP for pending orders must be forex trading days at a distance at least the same as current spread or more from the current market forex trading days. How do you deal with price gaps.

However, if your order meets any of the following criteria, it will be executed at the first market quote that follows the gap: If your pending order is executed in market conditions that are not normal, such as during a article source of low liquidity dzys high volatility. Monday Friday Forex FX is a portmanteau of the words foreign [currency] and exchange.

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